The program is inspired from ASPIRE Israel, driven from the notable fact that Aspirer’s overarching goal is to provide a viable learning environment for female entrepreneurs and thus increase the number of women in leading positions in the Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship industry. By taking part in a cutting-edge pre- accelerator program, participants will achieve the goal of developing their pioneering ideas into successful ventures. Macedonia and Kosovo will be continuation of this successful program in Israel by can taking away great examples from women entrepreneurs from Israel and improve the weak situation for women entrepreneurs in both countries. There is a lack of data and proper support to empower them to step out and lead a business on their own.  This program will motivate and strengthen the women to take braver decisions. At the end of the program each participants will have successfully outlined and created their project and recognized the visible points which they need to develop either by themselves or in order to be accepted to an acceleration program or independently develop their start up to the first stage of raising funds. With this, we are strongly developing amazing collaboration between the countries and helping the economic development.